The Local

Systemic Competitiveness

An analytical concept formulated by a group of researchers (Klaus Esser, Wolfgang Hillebrand, Dirk Messner, Jörg Meyer-Stamer) at German Development Institute since the 1990s. The main messages:

  • Dynamic economic development is not only based on functioning markets and individual entrepreneurship but also on collective efforts to shape a supportive environment for business development.
  • To understand the dynamics of industrial development it is crucial to analyze not only the micro- and the macro-level, i.e. markets and macro-economic framework conditions.
  • We introduce two further analytical levels: The meso- and the meta-level.
At the meso-level we address specific policies (such as technology policy, industrial policy, regional policy, etc.) and the institutional and organizational environment which supports firms.

At the meta-level we address the capability of actors at the local, regional, national or even supra-national level to create favorable conditions for industrial dynamism.

The economic performance of a local, regional or national economy reflects the interaction between factors at all four levels, which can create predominantly virtuous circles or vicious circles.

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Systemic Competitiveness Benchmarking Table (PDF, 70 kB)

Audio file: Jörg Meyer-Stamer and Shawn Cunningham discuss the Systemic Competitiveness concept (14 MB!)


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